We, Sun-Tommy International Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and have been working to build the future of Japanese Traditional Foods.

We are very much concerned about Japanese Traditional Foods such as Miso( fermented soy paste), Soy Sauce, Tofu, Natto(fermented soybean)and Sprout.

Our mission is to supply raw materials at best price. best quality and best delivery service. to food manufactures.

We import soybean, rice, green mung beans, defatted soybean flake ,corn cob meal, etc. directly from suppliers such as the United State, Canada, China, India, Thailand , Vietnam , Myanmar etc. Also we deal in Japanese products such as rice, soybean etc. by direct trade with Japanese farmers.
By our direct trade with overseas suppliers and Japanese farmers, we can respond to the needs and demands of our clients.

Japan’s Food Self-Sufficient Ration is 38% (colorie basis), which is the lowest level among the advanced countries. Under this circumstance, Japan must reform the structure of Japanese agricultural industry. We started our business of direct purchase from farmers of Nagano Prefecture in 2000.
We are buying rice, soybean. wheat, backwheat and konjac from its growers. This transaction is appreciated by both our clients and farmers throughout Japan.

We will pass on Japanese traditional foods to the next generation and we will continue to supply raw materials for food ingredients because our mission is to build“ the future for Japanese traditional food”.

Sun-Tommy International Co. ,Ltd.,
Tom Minoru Tominari
President and CEO